Jessica Accepts Christ!

Jessica Accepts Christ!

When only three girls showed up to Bible study on Wednesday, my first reaction was to be discouraged. I was trying to get the group restarted after my maternity leave, and out of the eight girls, only three of the youngest and least talkative showed up. I decided to shelve my carefully prepared lesson and have a “ask any question” night, convinced that this night would probably be slow and slightly awkward. 

Jessica’s first question was “Why does God keep loving and forgiving me?” We started talking about how she feels bad about all the times she messes up and how she wants to be in a better place with God. For a long time I’ve been concerned about Jessica and her sisters because even though they come to group and call themselves “Christians” I’ve never been sure about where they stood with Christ. The more we talked, the more I saw that although Jessica was asking God’s help with the issues in her life, she was still trying to get her life cleaned up on her own strength. When I asked her if she’d ever tried turning her entire life over to Christ instead of trying to do right on her own, she said that she’d never done that. When we were closing in prayer, I encouraged all the girls to turn their lives over to Christ if they hadn’t done so yet, and asked if anyone wanted to receive Christ right then and there. Jessica promptly responded “I do, but I don’t know what to say. Will you pray with me.”  So I led her in a prayer to receive Christ.
Please pray that Jessica grows in her new faith and that her sisters also come to know Christ if they haven’t done so yet.

Mission Trip A Success!

18 people came down over spring break to serve Christ in Nicaragua. It was a fantastic team. They build sidewalks to stop erosion and make life more beautiful for the women living at House of Hope. Their hard work, good attitude, and adventurous spirit made the trip very fun for everyone, including the women and kids at House of Hope. April (director of House of Hope) loves the sidewalks they built and has asked us to send another team down as quick as we can. I’ll tell you, I was waking up sore for a week after this trip.

On top of building sidewalks the team also went zip-lining, volcano boarding, souvenir shopping, visited other ministries working with at-risk girls, and visited our home in Leon, Nicaragua. Yet I know from our daily devotionals that Nicaragua was not the only one touched by the interaction. See pictures and captions below.

The photos below are from the participants, and a special thanks to Bob Collins as most are his.

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