Clariza and Lacey

Clariza gets into UNAN

The phone call with Clariza when I got her exam results:
“Hola, Clariza?”
“It’s Scott. I have your exam results.”
“I have bad news and good news.”
(with a wavering voice) “Ok”
“You needed a 56 to get in this year, but you didn’t get a 56…”
“YOU GOT A 70! You destroyed it! Great job!”
“Ahhh!” and now follow many tears, laughter, and a few shouts of joy.

We just wanted to let you all know that Clariza got in to college with a 70% on her exam score. That’s roughly equivalent to a 25 on the ACT or a 1680 on the SAT. We are so proud of her. If you have prayed for her, I suggest now as a good time to give thanks.

Lacey Christiana McEwan born into the world

At 5:25am Sunday, February 2nd our new baby girl, Lacey, was born into the world. Everyone is in good health and all is well, so praise God! She is 6 pounds 8 ounces, 19.6 inches long, and has lots of pretty brown hair.

Thank you for all who have prayed for these two events!

En Cristo,
Scott and Bethany McEwan


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