Endings and Beginnings

Graduation for El Anexo Computer Classes

At 3:00pm sharp I rolled up to Cruz Lorena’s house to prepare for the graduation. Once again I was astounded by her love for her neighborhood. Having received no monies from me, she had bought balloons, streamers, decorations, and refreshments to spice up the ceremony. She is not well off even by Nicaraguan standards, but she has made it her mission to reach her neighborhood for Christ. Nine kids graduated.

After receiving certificates endorsed both by me and the Nehemiah Center, we loaded them up in the truck and headed out to our house. As we pulled up I told them that the festivities began as soon as they entered the house.

“You each have a bag of rice and a bag of beans hidden in our house somewhere, and you have to find it! Just two rules: Don’t destroy my house, and respect the girls (Clariza and her sister Reyna) who are staying with us.” Then I let them loose… I don’t know how many high risk teenagers you have had over to YOUR house recently, but its quite scary. First of all, you never know if they are going to steal from you when you aren’t looking. But even if they don’t (and ours didn’t) they have massive amounts of energy.

To try and spend some of this energy early, we played some games and took them to the local park to play soccer. Somewhere in the midst of that Bethany put out a tin of Christmas cookies. It was like watching a piranha feeding frenzy. Boys with piles of cookies in their laps quickly disposed of what I thought it might take the whole night to finish. Then they raided our Christmas tree for their final Christmas present: An 8GB flash drive (a fitting graduation present for our classes).

As supper was being prepared, Cody and I sat down and had an important talk with them about their souls and eternal life. We invited them to a Bible study that begins tomorrow (Thursday January 2nd) and they all sounded very interested. Yesterday I reminded them of the study and it looks like they will all be there. PRAY FOR US!

Girl’s Group Christmas Party!

Four days after the El Anexo graduation, we gathered up 8 girls and set out for the mountains of Esteli. On the way up the girls sat in the back of the truck and yelled almost continually… we were glad they weren’t yelling in the cab with us. When we reached the mountains  they put on every jacket Bethany and I own because it was “FREEZING” (65 degrees and windy). The views were marvelous and we had planned a devotional up there, but they were all too cold by the end of our hike to sit down. So we kept moving. We hiked back to the truck and drove home. This time they slept the whole way.

When we reached home, I (Scott) talked about their personal devotion time with God. They have had trouble getting into them recently and we identified LOTS of reasons why: Too much noise at home, can’t under stand the Reina Valera (KJV in Spanish), too tired, feeling guilty, being lazy, and the list went on and on. Pray for them. We offered solutions to all of these that we could . We even offered to buy them easier to read Bibles, but no one has taken us up on it yet.

To end the night the girls searched for their rice and beans, too, and received a decorated bag with their favorite verses drawn on them (made with love from Bethany). Finally, we sang Christmas Carols and watched The Nativity Story.

Upcoming and prayer needs…

A few upcoming things to pray for:

1.) Clariza and her entrance exam (Jan 28th) and first year of school.

2.) El Anexo Bible study

3.) Short Term Mission Trip (roughly 3/28 through 4/5). For details email Mike Miller (mimamiller@sbcglobal.net) or Eric Bobbitt (ebobbitt@zionsvillefellowship.org).

Thank you again for your support!

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