Short Term Mission Trip


The Project

We recently had a mission team down to work in El Anexo. They put in soccer goals, buried tires for seats, and painted everything (see our website for more photos). After an entire morning’s work of painting playground equipment, the team came back for the afternoon to find their flawless paint job partially ruined! However, no one got discouraged. Why? Because the damage was created by a horde of excited neighborhood children who could not wait for the paint to completely dry before starting to play on the colorful slides and monkey bars. There was many a bottom covered with wet paint. With a grin, the team left the kids to play, and resolved to simply touch up their work the following day. Paint projects, like many other things in Nicaragua, don’t always go smoothly. However, since the team decided early on to value relationships over task completion, the bumps in the road simply became funny experiences to smile over. After a full week of painting, listening and learning from testimonies, playing with children, enjoying God’s creation, and practicing Spanish, the team felt impacted by the joy and simplicity of the people that they interacted with throughout the week. Did their work make a difference? Time will reveal the lasting impact, but I can testify that every time I went to the park in preparation for the project: No one was there. Now, however, every time I pass by the park – no matter what time of day – it is filled with people!
Key MeetingsOne of the best parts of the trip was the rawness of it. We did not work out of a church or a compound, sheltering them from the poverty. They were in the community, in people’s homes, listening to their stories, praying for them, and getting dirty and sweaty along side of them. They saw poverty straight on, and yet they realized the great strengths of these believers as well. Already the young men from El Anexo want to know when they are coming back.
The Intern
One of the key players in the week with the team was our intern Jessica. She is 17 years old and will be starting her senior year of high school next year. After contacting us last year about an internship possibility, she is finally here for almost 7 weeks this summer. She currently is living with the Espinoza family, studying Spanish, helping with childcare for another missionaries ministry, and giving us a hand. Next week she’ll be helping me teach English class! Scott and I are so thankful for her adventurous and uncomplaining spirit, her willingness to get involved, and the solid friendships that she is forming with other missionaries and with local Nicaraguan leaders. Pray that the rest of her summer would continue to be a wonderful time of personal growth for her!Our MinistriesThings continue to go well with our ministries. The team was able to meet with and exchange testimonies and prayer with our girls group. They also met the House of Hope women and kids. In all our ministries it is always a battle, but we are content with the progress we are seeing in everyone’s hearts.

Object of Prayer: More Workers

The fields are ripe for harvest. There is more good work to be done in people’s lives than we have time. Pray that God raises up workers for the harvest and energizes us to make the most of the time.

Thank you for your faithful support and prayer. Your giving allows us to be down here, and your prayer helps make our work effective. If you are interested in hearing more details about what is going on in our ministry, just email us – maybe we could even skype!

En Cristo,
Scott and Bethany McEwan


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