Back Home Again in Nicaragua



Once again, we are practicing hospitality with our favorite student. Since Clariza didn’t get into the University this year she is going to be living with us every other week this year. In the mornings Bethany will be teaching her and some other girls English, and in the afternoon she will be completing miles of worksheets for math professor Scott. So far she is really excited to be working hard and living with us. It has been a joy and privilege to walk with her on this journey, and we look forward to what God will be doing in her life this year. She is also participating in Bethany’s girls’ group and starting to form friendships with those girls.

Girls’ Group:

Speaking of the girls in the group, they are all doing well (at the moment). December was a rough month for most of them. A lot of them stumbled and fell back into old habits. With Bianca, the fall was more than backsliding. Before coming to Christ she was deeply involved in the occult, and she started dabbling in it again. Thankfully God used this experience to bring her to a point of desperation and searching that brought her back to him. She rededicated her life to Christ and is currently very involved in her local church. Through her influence several of her friends have also accepted Christ.An additional little lady joined our community as well this month. Maria had her baby, and both she and little Emily Esther are doing well. Please pray for God’s blessing on their little family, especially for wisdom for Maria as she seeks to do what is right and raise her daughter in the truth.

At the end of this month Bethany will be traveling (Lord willing) to Tegucigalpa, Honduras with the rest of her Nehemiah Center team for the annual conference of Mission for Transformation. We use this curriculum in our youth pastor training, and it will be really exciting to see how God is using it in the rest of Central America and the Caribbean. Please pray that Bethany’s time there would be productive and that she would have safe travels.


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