“Hoy te declaro la guerra” said Emily’s grandmother the morning of her baptism (roughly translated: Today I’m declaring war on you). Emily’s grandmother is staunchly catholic and when Emily realized that she couldn’t get baptized in secret she was scared for weeks to tell her family. Thanks be to God that most of her family have remained neutral, not liking the idea, but glad to see the change coming over Emily. Her grandmother, however, has kept up a steady attack.

“Rider Reyes forced you to get baptized, you didn’t do it yourself.”

“No grandma, I chose to get baptized.”

“You know you’re going to hell.”

“I don’t believe that.”

Is a typical conversation. Emily entered the battle with wonderful insight: “I don’t win by winning an argument, but by being patient.” Every now and then she confesses that she has lost patience and talked back to her grandmother – but no one is perfect and  we encourage her to continue on in patience.


As is typical in this type of ministry: We are always 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Though two of our girls have recently been baptized and shown a semi-steady growth in their faith, two more are in the middle of the fight with the devil. One of the girls continues to struggle with worldly temptations which she admits are wrong, but still tempting. Another girl, the one with child, is really struggling to figure out her relationship with the baby’s father. Pray for these girls, that they are strengthened to know and chose what is right.

One Year Anniversary

On August 30th we have officially been here 1 year. In that year we have:

1.) Learned Spanish and Survived Culture Shock

2.) Made friends and become familiar with 3 major cities

3.) Seen three baptisms

4.) Setup and run computer lab for women and children coming out of prostitution and human trafficking

5.) Given training to youth leaders to reach out to kids on the streets

6.) Begun a relationship with the government to reach kids in house arrest

7.) Hosted half a dozen short term mission teams in conjunction with the Nehemiah Center

8.) Opened bank accounts, become residents, bought cars, obtained drivers licenses, signed covenants with NGO’s, found a place to call home and buying everything necessary for daily life, and everything else it takes to live in a foreign country

And, wow, much much more. Please celebrate with us! We are only able to do this because of your willingness to be God’s instruments. Your giving and praying has accomplished all of this. We often comment on the amazing ease with which doors to ministry have been opened to us and everything necessary to do ministry supplied to us. THANK YOU. I say it on behalf of everyone who continually tells us thank you.

You and Bethany have been like salt and light to my life ~One of the girls, through tears.

Much love,

Scott and Bethany McEwan


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