This is just exciting

Here is an update on many different things that are happening in our ministry right now:

Girl’s Group

One of our girls in the group was baptized this past Saturday (see video below)! This is the same one who’s changed life made her parents also want to change and come to Christ. It was a great honor to be the one chosen to offer up prayer for her immediately after her baptism.

Another girl also has interest in being baptized and an amazing change is coming over her. She’s physically brighter and happier – a sign that her haunting depression is being slowly defeated. She’s confronting her problems in school and against certain temptations, asking for help, and even working on forgiving people in her life who have severely hurt her (like her mother who wanted to abort her and who is basically absent from her life). Also, her change has been so beneficial that her father wants to change his life and seek help. He has agreed to go with his family and see Lourdas Rivas (our mom here in Nicaragua, but also a trained Christian psychologist). This is a pattern we’re beginning to see in our ministry: That when the kids change, the parents themselves want to change.

Not all good news though, as one of the girls in our group is now “with child”. We are currently trying to present her with the middle ground of: “Don’t give up on life” and “What you did was wrong, and prepare yourself because life just got a lot harder”. Bethany is planning on having a purity retreat with the entire group in November, and we’ve made sure to start sewing into their minds what a healthy pre-marriage relationship looks like and why it is smart to wait even to date. We cannot identify one good model of marriage and/or dating in any of their family lives.

House of Hope

Other than the lice that I recently picked up from the House of Hope kids, all is good news here. Even after many weeks, the kids will still spend most of the day BEGGING us to let them in class (even though we don’t have any more space that day) and will watch from the windows and doors for hours learning anything they can and directing those who “need help” whether they really need it or not.

We really want to expand this ministry so that we can have all of the girls in class at least once a week (right now they come every other week for lack of space). It is such a shame to deny them this opportunity when they want to learn so bad.

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We have been working with the Social Justice System here in Leon to allow us to give computer classes/Bible studies to young men in house arrest. These young men have had other “skill learning opportunities” but they consist largely in learning how to cut hair and paint nails (I wish I was joking but I’m not). The Justice System sees both the computer class and Bible study as important to the growth and health of these young men.

How you can be involved

Interested in being more involved? Well, we need laptops. $200 will get us a nice refurbished laptop and get it down here to us. We can also take any used laptops you might have (even if they have viruses, forgotten passwords, busted hard drives; I’ll clean them, repair them, and even hack them if necessary). OR, if you don’t have money or a used laptop, you can mention it to your friends when you see them carrying around that sweet new extra thin, i7 processor, 64GB RAM laptop… tell them to send their old klunker to us!

Thank you all for being a part of this. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be here; nor would the lab; nor would the baptism; nor her mother’s baptism a few weeks earlier… and the list goes on.

-Scott and Bethany McEwan


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