10 Months and Computing

A very familiar sight these days…

I (Bethany) am not a computer person. To me, computers are something akin to a foreign culture and language. I can minimize culture shock by staying within the familiar realms of Office and Google, but other than that, I know very little. Recently, I’ve been going through culture shock. Nicaragua is continuing to feel more and more like home, but now the great computer nation has invaded! My husband is fluent in computers and is thriving, while I’m still bouncing around on the culture shock bridge (reference to this blog post).

I really am glad that my wonderful husband loves computers and speaks their language fluently. It’s a skill that is appreciated in the US, but very rare and valuable here. Since we believe in being good stewards of our resources in all areas of life, we’ve been figuring out ways to use Scott’s talents to build up the kingdom of God here. Besides the classes at House of Hope, Scott is planning to start up classes here in Leon for young men that are on house arrest. They will have classes 1-2 times a week, and hopefully this will help them to increase their job skills and leave their current life-styles.
So when my living room is a tangled mess of wires and sticks of RAM (whatever that is), and when my husband discusses Linux and motherboards and Ubuntu over supper, I give thanks. I may be journeying to foreign territory , but at least we’re still working to further the kingdom of heaven!


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