9 Months and Planning for the Future

Scott setting up for our 5th strategic planning meeting…


– How do you guard the fruit of what God has done in the last six years?

– How do you continue building amid personnel and finance changes?

– How do you correct mistakes of the past?

– How do you get pastors from different denominations to work together?

– How do you form church-based networks that will transform entire communities…even cities?

– How do you do all this without exhausting your workers and harming family life?

About two hours into our first strategic planning meeting a week ago these questions were raised, along with many, many more. That meeting led to another, then another…and tomorrow we will have our 5th planning meeting in 9 days! Wisely, the Nehemiah Center and our youth program within the center are taking this season not only to review the budget for the new fiscal year, but also to review the whole direction that we are moving in. While all of this is good, it is like walking into a thick, tangled jungle with no clear direction or “easy answer” in sight. Scott and I have been wrestling with the tension of working through these issues with the team while not getting discouraged at the slow and tedious progress.

The verse I keep coming back to is James 1:5 “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it shall be given him.” Yup! That sums us up right now: excited yet uncertain about the future and desperately needing wisdom as an organization, a team, and a family.

One thing we are certain of: We are very happy to have all of you along for this journey. Your prayers are definitely appreciated this month!

If any of you would like to “strategically plan” a skype date with us, just let us know…


One response to “9 Months and Planning for the Future

  • Dan

    though questions to be sure…the church (and believers) around the world struggle through the same kinds of Q’s. But know this, we love you, are praying for and with you and we have total confidence that He who began a good work in you will carrying it to completion.

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