1st Day of Computer Classes!

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Just wanted to put up some pictures of our first day of computer classes at House of Hope. It was a huge success. I had some fears of it being a disorganized chaos, but Bethany and a fellow missionary named Saul helped me out by giving individual attention to stragglers.  I knew it was hot in there, but I didn’t realize how much we were sweating until I saw these pictures. It was exhausting to teach in such heat, in Spanish, all day long, to a group of excited – not-very-disciplined kids… but TOTALLY worth it.

THE EXCITEMENT on the girls faces all day long is impossible to capture. Some of them watched straight through 3 classes, never losing interest even though they weren’t in the class yet themselves. The older women, too, were surprisingly excited and (even though they could hardly turn the things on) came with notebooks and even asked me if there was going to be a computer-theory section! If we ever get to EXCEL VBA then maybe we’ll have some theory before jumping right in, but we’re a way’s off from that yet.

We started with the basics: How to turn it on, how to open and close a program, basic typing practice, how to save and re-open a document… and that’s pretty much as far as we got in an hour.

Well, I’d love to write more, but I’m beat. Take care, all, and enjoy the pictures and thank you to everyone who was a part of this.



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