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“Ted and Janice did what?” I asked, astounded.

“They went to church last Sunday and repented of their sins in front of everyone and expressed a desire to walk in the paths of the Lord,” Bethany reported after talking with Veronica. Later on Janice herself added, “We were convicted by the change we have seen in our daughter, Heymmi (one of the girls in our group).”

Wow! Sometimes I just have to sit back amazed. This family has had so much trouble. The daughters have both struggled with cutting, alcohol, and other temptations. The older daughter moved out, not being able to get along with Janice. We had seen Janice get saved a few months ago in a outreach we did, but we hadn’t seen much fruit from that act. However, to see her desire for change in her family life is exciting. What is best is that her husband, Ted, a former pastor who had fallen into sin, is leading the family into these new paths. He is waking up and remembering his former strength.

Marriage Class

“We’re going to renew our vows,” said Mitchell, with his wife Kayla nodding right beside him.

“Your kidding!” I exclaimed. This couple has had problems in their marriage for a while, and being leaders in the church they were never able to find help without embarrassing themselves and their positions. We always wonder if we are making an impact during Monday night marriage class. The participants assure us we are, but here was proof. How rewarding! We are so proud of this couple – they’re going to fight for it. Hurrah for Mitchell and Kayla!

Computer Lab

After many hours of installing, restarting, replacing, taking apart and cleaning, defragmenting, and general clicking, the computers are finally at House of Hope and ready to be used. Both the girls and the leadership were excited to see the computers set up, the girls’ only complaint was that I wasn’t going to give classes every single day. We have about fifty people who are going to come to classes on Fridays. Pictures of the girls using the lab are coming soon.

Thank you, all of you, for supporting this ministry. We have only been out of language school for 4 months and we are already seeing fruit from our ministry. This is a rare blessing and clearly shows God’s hand is with us in the work. Thank you for being part of this.

En Cristo,

Scott and Bethany


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