Short Term Mission Trip Opportunity

Bethany and I looked at each other with bags under our eyes. It was Easter weekend and supposed to be a time of rest. “Dayra and six of her friends are stranded in the bus terminal and need a place to stay for the night,” I sighed. Bethany breathed deep. If it were any other day it would be easy, but we just finished a slumber party with our Bible study girls. When the girls left at 10am the next morning, we were exhausted, but an hour later we had other friends over from 11-3ish. I accidentally fell asleep while they were over! There was no more gas in the tank. However, neither was there gas in Dayra’s tank. They were tired, out of money, and in the middle of our phone call – out of minutes. Needless to say, we went over to pick them up, and – to our astonishment – were enormously blessed to have them in our home despite our lack of energy.

Dayra, a church leader in Estelí

Monday morning I walk into work to find out we have another opportunity to be hospitable as we host some ministers from Guatemala in five day’s time. When I get home from work I find out I’ll have a guest over to use my camera on Tuesday. Wednesday comes along and a girl shows up for the Bible study who is a friend of the girls already in it – not only does she surprise us by showing up at all, but she shows up an hour early. Then I begin to realize the danger in asking God to bless your house. You just want it not to burn down. He wants to turn it into a ministry center. We have people over Mondays for our marriage group, twice on Wednesday for English class and girls Bible study, and then dozens of other little visits every few weeks for all kinds of little things. Our friends use our car, our internet, our bikes, our money, our time, our education, our food, our computers, our English, our Spanish, our camera, our beds, even our cat!

Our surprise visitor for Girl's Bible Study

Now to flip it around: They are really using your time and your money – you are really blessing these people. Your prayers protect us and make us healthy and strong. Your gifts are our only resource for distributing these blessings.  And just for that, we want to invite YOU over too! Perhaps you’ve been reading these posts thinking, “I wish I could more involved” or “I wish I could meet some of these people”… well, here’s your chance!

Lord willing, 11/30/2012 – 12/8/2012 we will be hosting our first short term mission trip here in Nicaragua.  There is a lot more involved with the trip, but the main objective will be to work with the House of Hope ( to construct a sidewalk/drainage ditch and potentially conduct short VBS sessions.  We really need at least one person who knows how to work with concrete. Everyone else just needs to be able to put up a good physical effort under direction. The details can be found here: in a FAQ document. Team Leaders will be Mike Miller ( and Shawn Reidy (

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I go on a short term mission trip?” Well, here are 10 good reasons to come:

1.)     Rice and beans, beans, rice, and beans and rice.

2.)    Sweating, then sweating through a cold shower, and then sweating some more.

3.)    The chance to practice your Spanish, or failing that, to invent your own personal sign language.

4.)    Becoming a human jungle gym for the little kiddos

5.)    Lots of “memorable moments”…

6.)    Building relationships with family you didn’t even know you had

7.)    The chance to learn more about the issue of human trafficking

8.)    Encouraging missionaries and learning about their lives

9.)    An increased knowledge of who you are as a person and as a Christian

10.) Letting your heart be broken for the things that break the heart of God

If you are interested or have questions please contact Mike or Shawn. Hope to see you there!

With much love,

-Scott and Bethany


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