Seven Months and Accelerating

Drugs, alcohol, suicide attempts, cutting, parental rejection, anger, bitterness, verbal abuse, low self-esteem. Sounds like the all-star list of problems that have plagued teenage society in recent years. They also are issues the plague my group of five girls that meet in our home on Wednesday nights.

Everything this month has accelerated (including the temperature outside!) The end of our first month of ministry has not led us to a neat little schedule or even a list of things that we do each week. It has not led us to settle down into a neat and smooth routine. Quite the opposite. With the increased blessings of ministry come increased spiritual warfare, increased drains of our energy, increased sessions of prayer, and sometimes, increased awareness of our limitations.

I remember the first night I sat with my girls and listened to them unload. With every situation that they asked me advice about, I felt my heart sink. How does a good gringo girl know what to say when she hears that a 14 year old slipped back into alcohol and doesn’t know how to fight against the temptation to dabble in the occult? All that came to mind was to break out the kleenex box, hold hands and pray silently with open ears, trusting God to speak through my silence.

With the acceleration of ministry comes excitement, new friends, intense joys, late nights, frustration, and an overwhelming sense of how much we need the Lord to walk us through all of this. We are learning to pray and seek his face as we navigate the new areas that we are stepping into. Please pray that in the midst of language study, maintaining the house, encouraging local leaders, meeting with new contacts, practicing hospitality and working with short term trips we would always remember that He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world!

Is life crazy? Yes. Would we trade it for anything? Absolutely not.


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