Six Months and Going Strong!


The sad news is, we can’t celebrate our 6th month in country because there is no February 30th! The good news is that life in Nicaragua is going really well. When my parents came to visit earlier this month, I told my Mom that I didn’t feel very connected to Nicaragua and like I could move back to the States anytime. That’s not to say that I don’t love living in Nicaragua. I really do. At that point however, I felt extremely disconnected from life anywhere, actually. As my mom put it, we were feeling a lot like a sprig of ivy floating in water. The ivy won’t die. It keeps growing and living happily, but it’s not rooted anywhere. That was the feeling that we had at the beginning on the month. Fortunately, the more we get our house set up, the more at home we’re starting to feel. We start to feel like we actually have some ties here to Nicaragua and like we’re stabilizing. It’s been a challenge to find things for the house, but God has been faithful and the furnishings are slowly but surely coming together.

We are also starting to get more and more involved in our ministry here. We’ve been participating more in the Nehemiah Center trips to Esteli and even got to teach last time we were up there. We also taught the lesson this week at the marriage class that we’re helping Lourdes lead. We are also going each week to help a pastoral couple with their outreach in a rural, poor community. There are several teenage girls from Leon that go with us. All of them have very dysfunctional home-lives, and we’re finding that they are hungry for people to invest in them. Please pray that we can figure out a way to do this more directly. As we form relationships, new opportunities for ministry open up, and we start to get a better feel for what God has for us here in Nicaragua.
Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. We are so thankful that God is teaching us day by day how to live here in the “land of promise.” (Heb 11)


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