Ministry in Nicaragua

Ministry in Nicaragua

“Oh no!” I shouted.
Bethany nodded, “Maria tried to committ suicide.”

Maria is part of our ministry with Veronica and Rider. She and three of Veronica’s other nieces help out with the ministry, even as they are being ministered to by Veronica. They are all hurting badly. Bianca took an hour “walk” with Bethany and poured her heart out. Heymmi (Maria’s younger sister)  started pouring her heart out in tears to me even though we were in a group. These four cousins are close. Each one knows of the others’ problems and as a group they are brought down when something happens to any one of them.

Maria’s mother tears her down continually (probably because her mother, too, has had a rough life). Bianca’s mother has been absent most of her life, leaving Bianca to be a mother to her younger siblings. Heymmi told me through tears that, “I feel like I’m fighting all alone. Like there is no one to turn to.” Earlier in the day I gave a message on Friendship With God, and she turned to that subject. “When I was young,” she said, “I used to have that friendship. Somewhere along the way I lost it. Now I can’t feel His embrace anymore. I can’t find happiness anymore, and even when its there I know it will just go away in a few hours.”
After pouring their hearts out to us, they clearly felt better, but unless they get tapped into a larger source of joy (namely, God), the Devil will ruin them in misery. Please pray for them, that they take their relationship with God seriously… as a desperate need and not simply a noble deed.

As you can tell, we’re getting more and more involved in ministry down here! We are in the process of transitioning from “SETUP LIFE MODE” to “MINISTRY MODE”. We thought it would be appropriate to give you and overview of our current initiatives.

  • Nehemiah Center Visits
  • What: We go in to the office to coordinate and plan for various teams that come down, for our work in Estelí, and often for a short visit to House of Hope to build relationships outside of the classroom.
  • When: Mondays
  • Where: Managua
  • Marriage Classes
  • What: Working with Lourdes Rivas to better marriages. Some of the marriages in this class will fail unless God intervenes quickly.
  • When: Monday nights
  • Where: Our house in Leon!
  • Random Duty Days
  • What: Believe it or not, we need 1-2 days a week of preparation for these ministries, contact with our team back in the USA, keeping in touch with supporters like you, and visiting various ministries to continue to build networks here in Nicaragua.
  • When: 1-2 otherwise unoccupied days of the week
  • Where: Leon
  • House of Hope
  • What: Running a computer lab and teaching basic computer skills in 3 different classes to women and girls coming out of prostitution, human trafficking, or at-risk situations.
  • When: Fridays
  • Where: Managua
  • Veronica Torres and Rider Reyes
  • What: We are working with this couple to reach out to youth-at-risk just outside of Leon. Activities include: Playing soccer and baseball, teaching both boys and girls how to make jewelry (strangely the boys are more interested even than the girls), and doing short Bible studies. This community is littered with drugs and alcohol.
  • When: Saturdays
  • Where: Leon
  • Nehemiah Center Training in Estelí
  • What: We train youth leaders to reach out to youth on the streets with our co-workers Hulter, Roberto, and Carl Most.
  • When: 1 exhausting but fruitful weekend every month
  • Where: Estelí
  • What: Being the go-to people for Leon with Nehemiah Center short term mission teams.
  • When: Variable. In March we have two teams with whom we will spend the greater part of two weeks.
  • Where: Leon

The schedule isn’t planned out all day every day on purpose. Ministry isn’t 9-5 and we’re still figuring out life-in-general down here. However, save a few ministries that we are investigating, this is the current attack plan.

THANK YOU for your prayers, your support – listen, we need really need it and it produces fruit down here. You donate money, and sexually abused girls get a computer lab and hours of healthy attention from a husband and wife team telling them they are princesses and God loves them. You pray and we stay healthy and safe despite the many and various threats down here. You give, and Heymmi and Bianca have the opportunity to pour their hearts out to someone, and then have the idea reinforced that David did the same with God because he was God’s friend – and so ought they.

Miss you all, your sincere faith, your strength, your healthy lives,
Scott and Bethany McEwan


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