Five Months and Looking Forward

Well, this post is coming a little late this month…meaning, I skipped my typical post for December completely. After a very different but still blessed holiday season, we are stepping into the New Year with all guns blazing! Here are some things on the horizon in this New Year for us:

1. Visits! Scott’s parents came in January, Bethany’s parents arrive this Tuesday, and we have a few other friends planning to see us this year. Thank God for the encouragement these trips bring!

2. Moving into our own place: After 4.5 years of living in an apartment or with others, we are about to sign a lease on a house! It’s a really nice place, and we can’t wait to get into decorating it (well, Bethany can’t wait!)

3. Full time work: In February we will be transitioning into full time work. Language school ended for us this week, and we’ll start to actually take on responsibilities with the ministries we’ve just been observing.

We are so excited about what God has for us in this new year. Thanks so much for partnering with us as we step forward!


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