Veronica Torrez and Rider Reyes

As we drive down the dirt road to the community of Los Positos, the dust is so deep that our fellow-worker, Roberto, nearly topples over on his motorcycle. We are going to see Veronica and Rider’s ministry. We hear a lot about this couple: How they helped Blanca out of occult oppression, how they helped Socorro out of suicidal attempts that sent her to the hospital, how they have helped many young women stay out of prostitution by teaching them how to make jewelry, and how these same girls are now beginning to minister to others themselves.

When we arrive, Blanca and Socorro start us out with a game to break the ice. After the games Axel, a youth leader, breaks into a sermon about David and Goliath. The sermon is basic, but necessary. It talks about having confidence in God to face life’s challenges, a message that is applicable daily in this poor community. The houses here are small, and most people are on well water. Drugs and alcohol run rampant in this community, and some of the youth Rider and Veronica minister to are dying from their substance abuse.

At the end, Rider shares their vision to build a safe house so that the youth they minister to can actually leave their bad home situations while they receive ministry. By his joy, you would never know that only a year ago, when he started reaching out to these kids, his church was so afraid of their influence on their own youth that they asked Rider to leave.

We are so excited about partnering with Veronica and Rider in their ministry. They have overcome many obstacles so far, and there are more ahead, but their upbeat attitude and passion for “the least of these” is inspiring. Please be praying for the youth of Los Positos as we work with local leaders to reach out to the lost.

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On another note, our work with the House of Hope continues to develop. We are working on securing laptops to put in a computer lab. This will allow Scott to go down and teach classes and give these girls and women a chance to get better jobs. Hope to ship the laptops down in mid-March, so if you have an old laptop lying around we are happy to take it off your hands.

I’ve added a photo of the local magazine. “My Body is not for sale!” is the title of this edition of the magazine. It’s all about sex-trafficking young girls in Nicaragua. This just shows how wide-spread this problem is. Thank you for your support, encouragement, and prayers. By them you are doing something to help these girls and women.

As always, please stay in touch. Let us know if you want to skype!


Scott and Bethany McEwan


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