From My Journal

I woke up this morning and hardly had the will to get out of bed. Today is my only day of rest in the middle of two very strenuous weeks, and last week had already beat me up so bad that I wondered if one day would be enough. Mind exhausted from study, body from travel, and soul from fighting – I rolled out of bed determined to make a start on the day. when I went into the kitchen, I could tell the pastor’s wife was agitated about something, but I didn’t have the energy to turn my mind on in Spanish. Even so I caught bits and pieces. The whole family has been under a lot of stress lately because one of the cousins is sick in the hospital with a combination of pneumonia and a rat-born disease that makes pneumonia not sound so bad. There has been some question about whether or not he will live, though by God’s grace he’s getting better.

As it turns out, Lourdes began telling me, two male relatives came in to see him last night and mentioned that all the boy needed was a good prostitute to make him a man. This may sound like a mere vulgar joke, but down here it is a common practice to take a boy Cesler’s age (12) to a prostitute to “break him in”. Praise God, Lourdes ran them off, but who knows how that impacted Cesler?

In less than two minutes I had found my fight again. Never in my life will I sit back while there are ideas like that floating around. That kind of stupidity is what makes a ministry like the House of Hope necessary. I don’t care how many times I’m sick, I will never stop fighting. I will never give up in the face of such evil. I know I am mortal and must rest to recover strength, but so help me God – we will either shatter or be shattered before we rest from our labors. God grant us the victory and trample Satan under our feet. Never forget what you are here on earth to do, oh Christian, or soul’s like Cesler’s will be ruined, and girls like the one’s at the House of Hope will have the snot beat out of them unless they give themselves to men four times their age.


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