Moving Backwards?

While we spend most of our time building up communities and trying to rescue people out of the streets into a righteous walk, we do regress at times. For instance, our latest two home projects have been 1.) Setting up a food station for ants…a Terro food station to kill them all; and 2.) To find a cute little kitten and train it up to be the kind of cat the wears tattoos and has a mo-hawk: Because that’s the kind of cat it’ll have to be to take on the continual stream of rats we see in our house. We killed one by hand and three by poison, but these guys are persistent. We have no excuse for the ghetto-cat, we know, but we present the following defense concerning the ants, namely, that we don’t want to create dependency on US dollars, and the ants are depending on our food supply instead of local resources. Thus, to put an end to it we offered them a last supper…a very last supper.


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