Two Months and Adjusting…

Just 14 more months to go! No, we’re not counting down the time until we get to go home for Christmas. Although we’re planning on that happeningin 14 months, and we’re very excited about it, the 16-18 month marker is important for other reasons. In our pre-field training, we were told that the average time for a missionary to make the transition to feeling settled in their new country is about 18-24 months. Since we aren’t starting from scratch with the language or with forming relationships, we’re hoping that our transition time will be a bit shorter than normal. As we finish two months in Nicaragua, we are thankful for many things. Our spirits continue to be uplifted, our bodies are in good health, relationships are deepening, and our language learning is progressing. However, although we’re settling in well, if we follow typical patterns, we’re still got anywhere from 10-14 more months of cultural adjustment. My (Bethany’s) reflections this month have been two-fold. First, I’m praising God for his goodness to us. Secondly, I’m praying that God’s goodness to us would not lead us toward pride in our own strength, but would rather enable us to trust Him more as we head through the highs and lows that are still ahead of us.

Thank you so much for all of your encouragement! Don’t stop praying for us to make a complete and healthy transition in the remaining 14 months before our first visit back to the States.


One response to “Two Months and Adjusting…

  • Sharon

    It is a blessing that you were able to answer the call that you heard. I continue to pray for your health, ministry and transition.
    All my love

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