Freddy – Future Leaders

Imagine sitting at your school-desk, sweat dripping down your face because today is the exam. You aren’t worried because you didn’t study, you’re worried because you didn’t pay. Of the crushing $123 semester tuition, you only put down $5. Now we come to it – the professor is walking by your desk. If he checks your papers, you don’t get to take the exam. You keep telling yourself, “Those who don’t pay, don’t test. Those who don’t test, don’t pass. Those who don’t pass, don’t get jobs. Those who don’t work, don’t eat.”

Many of you have heard of Freddy. He has a rough past – some of the things his parents did weren’t right, but things are getting better now. When we met Freddy, he was living in the church, sleeping on a beat up table, studying at the university, working 100+ hours a week as the church guard only to make $125/month. He is extraordinarily smart and has learned English due to his remarkable industry. Getting through school had always been a fight, not due to any laziness on his part, but due to his inability to pay… But he’s a fighter – or so the Pastor’s wife described him, and we have found nothing but that in Freddy. He occasionally preaches in the church and is well recognized as a young leader who will continue to grow into a strong pillar of the church here in Nicaragua.

Our mission recently agreed to scholarship him through the rest of his college. He is in year 3 with a few more years to go. When we told him, he wept on account of how good God has been to him. Thank you all for being a part of this. In fact, I’ll let him tell you himself:

House of Hope – Prostitution

On another note, we have been looking at getting involved once or twice a week at Casa de Esparanza (House of Hope). This is a fantastic ministry helping prostitutes get out of prostitution and supporting their education and the education of their children. Some of them are quite young and were forced into prostitution by their families at ages as young as 6 and 7 years old. Others were sold by boyfriends or families to brothels, both as children and as adults, where they were forced to “serve” up to 10 “clients” a day. This past week, I helped 4-12 year old girls and boys do crafts. Some of them could hardly work with the yarn, tape, and scissors due to their youth. Yet one of these girls was chained outside of a brothel 7 months for not doing what the customers wanted. Another had her arm broken in a similar incident. Check out the House of Hope website for more information: http://www.houseofhopenicaragua.com/help.html.

God is really putting us in a position to attack human trafficking and prostitution from a few different directions. It isn’t exactly what we expected to get into down here, but it is closely related to our other ministry ventures.

Here is a video of the workday where over 300 women come in every week to make jewelry and cards to try and support their families without going into prostitution:

Here is a video of the crafts:

There is a lot more going on than can fit in one newsletter. We will try to update the blog once every 1-2 weeks with new happenings in Nicaragua.

For the Kingdom,

Scott and Bethany McEwan

PS – If you want to Skype with us, please email us at scottandbethany21@gmail.com to setup a Skype date!


One response to “Hope

  • Esther Na

    wow so awesome to hear about your hands-on ministries with the House of Hope and also how you guys have gotten together support for Freddy! =) Thanks for sharing!!

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