One Month and Counting…

This morning I (Bethany) took some time to reflect on all the ways God has been blessing us over the past month here in Leon. I thought I would post my thoughts up here so you can celebrate God’s faithfulness with us!

God has helped us make enough progress in Spanish that we are starting to cut back on language school.

God has helped us to start adjusting to church in another language

God has kept us physically healthy and our bodies are starting to adjust to the climate.

God has blessed us with friends that we enjoy hanging out with. Especially with the Espinozas, we feel like we have a family.

God has given us wonderful co-workers that we’ve started to build good friendships with.

God has started to lead and guide us towards the ministries we will be involved with, and we’re excited about all the opportunities.

God has protected us and our possessions as we have traveled in Leon, Esteli, and Managua.

God has helped us to start adapting to the culture and the local ways of doing things.

Last of all, God has been working in our hearts. He’s been teaching me about faith and what it means to, like Abraham, “live in the land of promise as in a foreign land” while still looking “forward to the city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God.” It is so tempting to focus on the “living in the land of promise” part. However, God wants us to not just build a life where we are. He wants us to live in the world as strangers and exiles – regardless of the country. As G.K. Chesterton says, we must both love and hate the world, neither aquiesing nor despairing, dying for it yet still dying to it, and feeling homesick at home.

Thanks for all your prayers and support. We couldn’t do this without your faithful prayers!


One response to “One Month and Counting…

  • Esther Na

    I’m so glad to hear that you are adjusting so well there 🙂 can’t believe you guys are able to cut back from language school?! wow!!! you and scott are fast learners! i’m so proud of you for going there as a young couple….i know God will use you in so many ways. continue to keep us posted! hugs!!!

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