Language School Begins!

Language School Begins!

“Me Espeaking Inglish”

Pastor Alejandro (with whom we live) does indeed speak a few phrases in English. As you can see from his repertoire of language learning material, he has been determined to learn for a long time!

Many of the books say “Ingles Sin Maestro!” or “English without a teacher!” which has become a running joke with us because its practically impossible. Praise be to God, we are further than we expected in the language learning process, but we still speak a broken Spanish. We can HEAR that our Spanish is incorrect, we just don’t know how to fix it. Language School began yesterday in La Casa de Cultura (House of Culture). Already we have corrected some misunderstandings and are beggining to master some new tenses.

Saturday (9/3) we went to “El Congresso” to see a conference that the Nehemiah Center puts on for pastors and their wives. Pastors travelled many hours to come to the conference and we were astounded by its professionality and depth. Our own hearts were touched by its various messages on family life and being a relevant church in the Nica culture.

We have stayed busy exploring and you can see almost everywhere we have gone and will go by following this link to our map. We put this up here both to help us familiarize ourselves and help you all get an idea for where everything is. We will continue to update it:,-86.654663&spn=0.815831,1.234589

Finally, please pray for our health. It’s only been 8 days and we have already experienced diarrhea, a cold, hives, and intense exhaustion due to the heat. Our hearts have experienced some ups and downs, but it hasn’t been too bad and it happens to everyone.

We love you all, and thank you for your various notes and words of encouragement, your support, and your prayers.

Scott and Bethany McEwan


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