A Few Videos

We want to put up a few videos for you to see so you can get a feel for our surroundings.

This is an interview with Lourdes Espinoza. Lourdes is Pastor Alejandro’s wife, our new Nicaraguan Mama. She works for the Nehemiah Center for an initiative called “Buen Trata” or “Good Treatment” as opposed to “Bad Treatment” or abuse. There were some troubles with the video, so no subtitles on this one. See the text below if you don’t speak Spanish.

Lourdes’ Translation:

“I want to send greetings to those who are watching. I am happy to have Scott and Bethany here in my house. In this house we are now six, we were four. I like this, because we’re going to learn a lot about them, and they are going to learn a lot about us. We are a pastoral family, and we have been working 23 years with our church and we are growing. We have worked with other churches and other pastors, and we are happy because Scott and Bethany will be God’s instruments to help the youth. So, we are happy, but they, maybe, not so much right now because they have come from their country, their nation, their families, I know that there is a cry inside of them but we support them in this firm decision and that they know that the Lord is with them.”

This is an interview with our new sister Meybelline. She attends college at UNAN where she studies social work. She is in an internship with Food For the Hungry (a big mission group down here associated with the Nehemiah Center).

This is a video of the Nehemiah Center where our work is based out of. It is a little bumpy, so hang on!

We hope to get more videos up soon! But until then, take a look at these pictures! They are from a pastors’ conference entitled “El Congresso” which was put on by the Nehemiah Center the past weekend.

Here are some major events so far:

Tuesday, Aug 30th: Up at 3am to catch the plane. We arrived in Leon, Nicaragua at about 8pm.

Wed: Unpacked, tour of Leon, the supermarket, clothing and furniture shops, and visited a Compassion Project to see what was going on there.

Thurs: Bought bikes, went to evening worship, recuperated.

Friday: Got bikes greased, signed up for language school, began working to deepen new friendships

Sat: El Congresso (Pastor’s Conference) from 7am – 5pm

Sun: Worship and rest!

Mon, Sept 5: 2 hour trip to Managua, devotionals at the Nehemiah Center, met with our lawyer to get our Residency Visas

That’s all for now! Thank you so much for your love and prayers.

-Scott and Bethany


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