God Makes Plans Come Together

It’s not long now before Bethany and I leave for our mission to Nicaragua. In fact, it’s just 12 short weeks. With that in mind, we want to praise God for a few milestones.

First, God has provided us with nearly 85 percent of our funding to Nicaragua. For those numbers people, as of last count, we have 84.82% of the money raised to facilitate our mission. With that bit of news, I’m pleased to announce a few more accomplishments:

  • We purchased our airline tickets and will be leaving Tuesday, August 30, 2011.
  • Bethany and I are conversationally fluent in Spanish now. (I needed more help than she did.) Nonetheless, we can now carry on basic, everyday conversations in Spanish.
  • We have all of our residency papers signed, sealed and delivered. All the clerks, secretary of states and embassies have signed off and notarized these very important papers.

Besides meeting these goals, Bethany and I will be leaving in a week for three weeks of missionary training in Colorado Springs.

With that, it’s appropriate to give thanks to our Lord and Savior for his gracious and merciful blessings of abundance. It’s fitting not only to pray but also to give thanks for these items, since God has clearly blessed them.


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