Minister to Those You Know: Kids on the Street

Teddy’s story is touching and inspiring, but I leave you with the last impression God left me with: Kids on the street.

Our taxi screeched to a halt on the busy street leading to the Nica Airport. Normally when this happens, people rush the car, trying to wash windows for a Cordoba (5 cents). This time, however, a group of seven and eight year old kids rushed to the car.

“¿Quiere comprar un dulce?” they asked. Our driver fished in his pocket, whipped out a Cordoba, and slapped it on the girl’s palm.

She stashed it and handed him a piece of candy. I scanned the busy streets for a parent; nothing.

“¿Asisten estos niños a la escuela?” I asked.

“Sí, en la tarde,” he responded.

I thumbed my 50 Cordoba bill, wondering if I should donate it, but knowing how dangerous it is to give blindly in this country. If their father was a drunk, it would only mean a rougher beating for them that night. That is why it is so important to know those to whom you minister. That is why we want to go to Nicaragua ourselves: To make a difference, to see God’s ways take root in Nicaraguan society, and to play our small part in His plan to bring the nations to Himself.


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